Enquiries about hire and bookings can be made by contacting the Community Centre’s Bookings Manager, by using the Contact Form on the CONTACT US page of this website, or by telephone on 07530 266 293.  If you are considering hire, we recommend that you first refer to the Community Centre’s FAQs and Terms and Conditions.  

The Centre is available for party hire at weekends from 2.00pm onwards on Saturdays, and between 12.00pm - 5.00pm on Sundays.  However, other opportunities may be available outside these times, especially during the school holidays, so please contact the Bookings Manager for advice.  Please note that we require that your hire time has 30 minutes added onto either side, for setting up and clearing down.  For example, a two-hour party would require a hire time of three hours in total. 

The Community Centre’s standard hire charges for parties are as follows:
* One hour’s hire £35.00
* Two hours' hire £55.00
* Three hours' hire £75.00
* Four hours' hire £95.00

For details about charges for longer durations of hire, and information about other types of hire, such as charity events, or the regular hire of the Community Centre for a club or class, please contact the Bookings Manager.