Terms & Conditions of Hire 

The following Terms and Conditions of Hire apply to all occasional or one-off hire of the Community Centre such as for family gatherings, parties, events and meetings.  Please contact the Bookings Management by telephone on 07530 266 293, or by using the Contact Form on the CONTACT US page if you have any queries.  If you would like to hire the Community Centre on a regular basis for a club or class, please contact the Bookings Manager for futher information, as a different set of Terms and Conditions will apply.  

1)  The Hirer’s booking of the Abbots Langley Community Centre will be secured once they have provided the Community Centre with the required Hire Fee, Damage Deposit and completed Occasional Hire Agreement Form.  These must be provided within two weeks of the Hirer’s receipt of the Community Centre's Hire Agreement and Terms and Conditions. 

2)  The Hirer will reimburse the Abbots Langley Community Centre for the cost of any loss or damage to the Community Centre, the Community Centre’s building, or its contents, that occur during the period of the Hire, or as a result of the Hire.  The Hirer is required to provide a Damage Deposit cheque for £100.  This Deposit will be held against: any damage or loss to the Community Centre, or to the Community Centre’s building or its contents; or any extra cleaning costs required after the Hire.  The balance will be returned to the Hirer by the Community Centre following the Hire.  Should any damage or loss exceed the Deposit amount, the Hirer will reimburse the additional amount within 28 days of the Hire. 

3)  If the Hirer wishes to cancel their booking before the date of Hire there are two conditions as follows:  A cancellation 1–4 weeks prior to the date of Hire will lead to 10% of the Hire Fee being retained by the Community Centre and 90% of the Hire Fee being returned to the Hirer.  A cancellation less than a week before the date of Hire may lead to the Hire Fee being wholly kept by the Community Centre. 

4)  The Hire times set out in the Hire Agreement Form included with these Terms and Conditions of Occasional Hire will be strictly adhered to.  Any excess time will incur further charges. 

5)  The Hirer must be over 21 years of age. 

6)  The Hirer, for the period of the Hire, will be fully responsible for the supervision of the Community Centre building and its contents, and their care and safety from any loss or damage, however slight, and for the behaviour of all persons using the premises.  The Community Centre must not be left unattended during the Hire period.  At the end of the Hire period, the building must not be left until it is properly locked and secured by a Community Centre representative. 

7)  The Hirer must adhere to the restriction on the maximum number of persons allowed in the Community Centre at any one time, which is 120 persons. 

8)  The sale or consumption of alcohol in the Community Centre is strictly prohibited.  Under the terms of the Community Centre’s lease from Abbots Langley Parish Council, no alcohol is permitted in the Community Centre under any circumstances.  There is no licence held by the Community Centre for the sale or supply of alcoholic drinks. 

9)  Smoking is strictly prohibited.  Naked flames are not allowed, with the exception of small candles on celebration cakes. 

10)  The Hirer must familiarise themselves with the Community Centre's fire safety information, and the location of the building’s emergency exits, emergency assembly point and fire extinguishers. 

11)  A first aid box is located in a clearly marked cupboard in the Community Centre’s kitchen.  This is for the use of Hirers.  Any accidents that occur at the Community Centre must be recorded in the Centre’s accident book, which is kept in the first aid box. 

12)  If a Hirer brings bouncy castle equipment into the Centre, this must be obtained from a reputable company, and be set up, operated and supervised, either by the company’s own staff, or a responsible adult, who must ensure that all safety instructions are adhered to. 

13)  At the end of the Hire period, the Hirer will be responsible for leaving the premises in a clean and tidy condition.  All building contents must be returned to their positions as found.  Tables must be wiped, folded and stacked in their store cupboard.  All lights must be switched off, and the two hot water systems in the kitchen must be switched off.  All rubbish must be bagged and taken away by the Hirer.  The Community Centre will deduct a fee from the deposit if these conditions are not adhered to. 

14)  Disposal of nappies at the Community Centre is not permitted, as there are no dedicated sanitary facilities to accommodate them.  The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that nappies changed at the Community Centre during the period of Hire are taken away and disposed of elsewhere. 

15)  Equipment within the Community Centre may be used from cupboards marked “Community Centre”.  Items in other cupboards must not be used. 

16)  The Community Centre reserves the right to cancel the Hire in the event of the Community Centre being required for Statutory Use, or in any other contingency.  The Community Centre cannot be held liable for any loss or damage incurred by the Hirer as a result of the cancellation. 

17)  In the event of the Community Centre being rendered unfit for the use for which it has been Hired, the Community Centre shall not be liable to the Hirer for any resulting loss or damage. 

18)  It should be noted that the Community Centre’s insurance does not include cover for the Hirer’s own equipment.  Any cover required should be arranged directly by the Hirer at their own expense. 

19)  The Community Centre does not have a television licence and therefore television broadcasts or transmissions are not permitted inside the Community Centre.  If the Hirer wishes to access broadcasts or transmissions while at the Community Centre, it is their own responsibility to obtain a licence.

Every effort is made to ensure that the Terms and Conditions of Hire displayed on this website are accurate and up to date.  However, before confirming your booking, you should always review the Terms and Conditions supplied to you with your Hire Agreement.